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Boongarry Vet

Our Services

Veterinary Practice

We offer a full range of dedicated veterinary care and diagnostic services to all birds, reptiles, fish, exotic and unusual pets and wildlife in our Cairns practice. Boongarry also provides remote veterinary services to areas of Cape York Peninsula, Torres Strait and  Papua New Guinea, as well as ad hoc consultancies throughout SE Asia and the Pacific. 

Some species that we routinely see include:

Captive Animal Management

Our team can provide training and advice and can facilitate resource development for captive animal husbandry and management of individual species and mixed species exhibits in wildlife parks and private collections.

Training and Assessment

Certificate IV qualified Trainer and Assessor (Annabelle Olsson)

Boongarry provides training in:

  • Wildlife restraint and immobilisation,
  • Captive animal management,
  • Wildlife care and rehabilitation,
  • Indigenous community consultation,
  • Animal management officer training,
  • Drugs authorisation training for Obtaining, Storage and Administration of prescription animal medications under Queensland Health’s legislation. This training is a pre-requisite for applying to Queensland Health for an authorisation to obtain, store and administer drugs to animals in the Animal control officers can benefit from purpose-designed canine handling and restraint training for physical examination and basic procedures.

Boongarry’s team can provide tailored training for your individual animal health and wildlife management needs. Please email us at email/info)( or ring us on +61 7 4032 2244 during office hours for a personalised consultation and assessment of your training requirements.

Wildlife Consultancy

Annabelle is an experienced wildlife and zoo vet, and wildlife rehabilitator. At Boongarry, our staff have been selectively hand-picked for their collective zoo, wildlife and research experience. Boongarry is available for consultancy to:

  • Council and government department wildlife management operations;
  • Commercial wildlife management operations;
  • Zoo and Aquaria industry;
  • Crocodile farms;
  • Aquaculture industry.

Boongarry’s team can provide you with an assessment of your particular requirements and an estimate of costs should you engage our services. Please email us at email/info)( or ring us on +61 7 4032 2244 during office hours to discuss how we may be of service to your company and industry.


At Boongarry, we are pleased to receive client and patient referrals from other vets or organisations. Likewise, if we believe your pet will benefit from specialist assistance, we are able to liaise with registered specialists throughout Australia and if appropriate, will provide all referral paperwork and assist you in making appointments. Our primary concern is the welfare and best practice treatment of your pets or business.