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Boongarry Vet

What is Boongarry?

“What is Boongarry?” you ask… Boongarry is an indigenous name given to the lesser-known but highly vulnerable Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi), an arboreal macropod found in Wet Tropic World Heritage Rainforest of Tropical North Queensland. It was the similarly unique nature of the business’ services and Far North Queensland heritage that inspired the use of this species to represent the veterinary, conservation and training elements run through Boongarry.
Today, Boongarry Veterinary Services operates by the same high quality level of service and advice. It provides a number of dedicated veterinary, training and consultancy services right here in Cairns that include:
  • Veterinary practice for captive birds, reptiles, fish, unusual and exotic pets.
  • Captive animal management (zoos and wildlife parks, breeders, hobbyists).
  • Training and assessment (captive animal management, animal control and regulation)
  • Wildlife consultancy for national and international crocodile farms, parks, government and non-government conservation agencies.
  • Remote area veterinary services, training and animal health programme management.
  • Indigenous animal management and wildlife research training.
  • Wildlife health and conservation research.

Media Releases

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